Acoustics Graduate School Directory

Which grad school should I choose?

There are many universities that participate in acoustics research at the graduate level. That being said, many only do work associated with one or two TC’s. There are few that do work in most of the TC’s, and none that do work in all of them. Thus, where you want to go depends in part on what you want to do.

For a full listing of all the graduate schools that do acoustics research (primarily in the U.S., but some international), see the official ASA Graduate School Directory. However, the official directory is difficult to navigate, and much of it is out of date. Thus, the Student Council sponsors a Graduate School Expo every 3-4 meetings. Below are nine of the sixteen schools that presented at the most recent Graduate School Expo, held at the meeting in Indianapolis, IN in October 2014, presented in alphabetical order.

Brigham Young University
Indiana University
Pennsylvania State University
Pennsylvania State University - Distance Education
Purdue University
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
University of Cincinnati
University of Nebraska — Lincoln
University of Notre Dame
University of Texas at Austin
University of South Florida

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