Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) is an online open-access journal published by the Acoustical Society of America. Presenters of papers (including students) at ASA meetings are encouraged, but not required, to submit them to POMA. Format requirements for the submitted papers are flexible but all submissions for publication must first be reviewed from the standpoints of clarity, coherence, and style by one of the Associate Editors of the Proceedings. All papers are posted online as soon as they are accepted. Because of this and of the rapid editorial processing of the papers, the Proceedings offers a venue for viewing the most recent and timely ongoing work in the broad field of acoustics.

However, it should be noted that publications in POMA are considered conference papers rather than journal papers, and also that some journals may not accept work previously published in POMA. Students who plan on submitting their work to a peer-reviewed journal should check that journal’s policy carefully. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) and Applied Acoustics will accept work previously published in POMA but other journals may not. As such, some members of the Signal Processing, Acoustical Oceanography, Underwater Acoustics and Psychological and Physiological Acoustics technical committees of the ASA advise students to submit with caution. If in doubt, students (and their advisors) are encouraged to contact a senior member of the appropriate Technical Committee. Contributors may wish to look over some of the latest entries in POMA as examples.

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