Knowles – MEMS Engineer Intern

Itasca, Illinois


 MEMS Engineering Intern will be exposed to the design, simulation, test and analysis of MEMS acoustic transducers for portable consumer electronic devices (cellphone, tablet).


  • Work closely under the supervision and guidance of experienced engineers and mentors.
  • Specific project would include one or more of the following:
    1. Simulate and refine existing models for acoustic noise.
    2. Develop coding for Design Rule Checks including some lay-out tasks for test cases.
    3. Validate the performance of prototypes using acoustic measurements and established characterization techniques.
    4. Under the guidance of senior engineers, develop MEMS strength test system with GUI for data collection and perform GR&R.
  • Motivated to learn and explore all areas of acoustic MEMS transducers.


  • Masters or PhD student in Physics, Materials, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with specialization in MEMS.
  • Graduation Requirement: Only students who graduates after December 2017.
  • Experience in working with modeling software tools such as PSpice, MATLAB, MATHCAD, ANSYS, COMSOL.
  • Lab experience in electrical characterization.
  • Coursework in semiconductors and MEMS
  • Basic understanding of acoustic and related measurement parameters such as SNR (signal to noise), THD (total harmonic distortion) and sensitivity a plus.



Please see Knowles for more information and to apply.

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