Knowles Electro-Acoustic Co-op

Itasca, Illinois


The Electro-Acoustic Design team in the R&D group of Knowles Acoustics (KA) seeks a senior level undergraduate or graduate student looking for an industry Co-op position in the field of Vibro-acoustics, Electro-acoustic, and MEMS transducers.  As a Co-op in the R&D group, you will have multiple opportunities to gain corporate experience by being involved in projects, staff meetings, and corporate events. You will be trained on the appropriate lab equipment, software and hardware tools, R&D process and documentation required.

On this position, you will be primarily given and be responsible for one or multiple small scale R&D projects in the area of acoustic transducer development. The detailed tasks to fulfill this responsibility could include:

  • Performing acoustic and vibration measurements in a lab environment
  • Developing analytical and/or FE models to gain insights of the problem
  • Designing and performing experiments to gain insights of the problem and to verify model simulation results
  • Developing new software/hardware tools and databases to improve R&D efficiency
  • Writing technical reports to document project results and findings
  • Interfacing with the direct manger/mentor and other R&D stuff on general discussions and cooperation.


  • Must be a senior level undergraduate or graduate student currently attending a college or university pursuing a degree in engineering fields. Preference will be given to graduate level students with academic focus in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, especially those with background in Acoustics, Vibrations, and MEMS transducers.
  • Experience or course knowledge with basic signal analysis and dynamic system measurement (spectrum analysis, transfer function, THD, etc.)
  • The ability to use one or more of the following software tools is highly preferred: Matlab, Comsol/Ansys, pSpice/LTSpice, Labview.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office products
  •  Minimum GPA

Target schools

Focus may be given (but not limited) to schools with acoustic/vibration and MEMS programs, e.g., Penn State, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, UT-Austin, U of Florida, UC-Berkeley…. Candidates with good background match from local schools (e.g., UIC, IIT, Northwestern, NIU, Bradley …) are also preferred.

Please see Knowles for more information and to apply.

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