Argonne National Laboratory has an immediate opening for a postdoc in the area of nearfield acoustic holography and acoustic metamaterials to work on two projects: SonicLQ and NanoHeatBlock. SonicLQ – The Sonic Leak Quantifier is a technology for locating and quantifying the size of building envelope air leaks through measurement of sound leaks. Experience in acoustic measurement is necessary and experience with nearfield acoustic holography or similar acoustic imaging methods is desired. The NanoHeatBlock project is developing a transparent nanofoam insulator for improving thermal performance of windows. We also hope to make it a “mild” acoustic metamaterial to improve the acoustic performance of windows. Experience in metamaterials is desired, but not necessary. The ideal candidate would have experience in both measurement and metamaterials, but just having a desire to learn about metamaterials will suffice. The position will initially be for 1 year renewable up to 3 years.

The position will be in the Building Energy Decision and Technology Research Program in the Center for Energy, Environmental, and Economic Systems Analysis, in the Energy Systems Division at Argonne.

For more information contact Dr. Ralph T. Muehleisen at, and to apply please see referring to Req. Number 403618.

Argonne National Laboratory is a science and engineering research national laboratory operated by the University of Chicago Argonne LLC for the United States Department of Energy. Argonne is one of the world’s premiere research laboratories with some of the world’s brightest scientist and engineers working to solve the world’s hardest problems. Argonne is located just outside of Chicago, IL and is home to over 1300 scientists and engineers and over 250 postdocs.

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