The International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) is working towards gaining approval for the International Year of Sound (IYS) in 2019. An application must first be approved by UNESCO and in preparation for that a document outlining the reasons why there should be an IYS must be prepared. The ICA needs a logo for use on its application. The successful logo will also be used on all of the documents related to the IYS and on all the approved events during the IYS.


The International Year of Sound (IYS) will be a global initiative to highlight the importance of sound and related technologies as well as the need for quietness and peace in the lives for all in society. The IYS will consist of coordinated activities on regional, national, and international levels. These activities will aim to stimulate the understanding throughout the world of the important role that sound plays in all aspects of our society. These activities will also encourage an understanding of the need for the control of noise in the environment and the workplace.

The Competition

This competition is open to all student acousticians (undergraduate and graduate) who are student members of their national acoustical society. The designer of the successful logo will be awarded a cash prize of 500 € (Euro) or the equivalent in local currency. As well, their name will be recorded as a contributor to the IYS.


Your proposal for the IYS logo design:

  • should be in a standard graphics format such as jpg, gif, png, etc.
  • should be in colour
  • should allow for the 2019 to be replaced by another year should the first application be unsuccessful
  • should have minimum resolution of 400 px by 400 px
  • should provide the rationale for the design in the application form

Submisson Date: September 1 2015

Additional information about the competition including instructions and forms to apply for participation in the competition can be found at the ICA website.

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