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“How can I get more involved in the ASA?”

People mean many different things when they ask this, so I wanted to give a detailed response that can apply to those who are looking to be more involved in learning about acoustics, being more involved in getting their research out to the community, and those looking to make a difference in the way the ASA works.  I recommend that anyone who is looking to get more involved with the ASA (and the acoustics community in general) follow these steps to begin to see what the ASA has to offer.

First steps:

  • Check out JASA/POMA/Acoustics Today
    • A great way to be involved in the acoustics community is to simply read about what is happening from the comfort of your home, library, or lab. Acoustics Today ( is a quarterly publication that highlights some of the most interesting state-of-the-art work happening in the field.  It has a beautiful online edition and ASA members can receive the print edition as part of their membership dues. (become a member at
    • JASA (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, ( is the flagship peer-reviewed academic publication of the acoustics community, where you can find all the top research papers. You may be able to access articles through your university library (online or in print), so check with your librarians for more information.
    • POMA (Proceedings of Meetings of Acoustics, ( is where you can find information from technical lectures given at ASA Meetings (see more below).
  • Attend an ASA Conference
    • The ASA holds two meetings ( each year where people from all over the world come together to meet and share research. You do not have to be a presenter to attend — in fact, undergraduates are highly encouraged to attend as it is a great way to learn about the field and to speak with leaders in the community, even if you have no previous experience.
    • If attendance is not possible at an ASA Meeting, check out the live-streaming options available to you! (
  • Conduct research and present a paper or poster at an ASA meeting

For involvement beyond the bi-annual meetings of the ASA:

  • Student/Regional Chapters
    • First, check the ASA Chapters website ( for a chapter near you. There are 26 chapters across the US — if you find one that is close enough for you to attend meetings at, start going and meet your fellow local acousticians.
    • If you cannot find one that is near you — start your own chapter! If you have a budding group of interested acousticians at your school, or in your community, find a time to have a meeting and form your own chapter.  The process is straightforward, and you can get funding from the ASA to use towards refreshments at your meetings, guest speaker travel fees, or projects decided on by the members of your chapter.
  • Get involved in a Technical Committee (TC)
    • There are 13 TC’s that make up the research areas of the ASA ( Find a TC that best suits your interests in acoustics.  If you want to be involved in multiple areas, you certainly can, and you can always change your focus down the road!
    • Attend your TC Open meeting at the next ASA Meeting. You can make a difference at these meetings! There, you can meet your TC chair, offer input on sessions that you would like to see, meet other students in your research area, and make any comments or suggestions on activities within your area.  Contact the TC Chair, or the Student Council representative from your TC for more information (contact information below).
  • Meet a Student Council member
    • There are 14 representatives on your ASA Student Council. You can find our contact info here (, and you can find us at each ASA meeting (we have a little green ribbon!).  We are here to serve you, so please come to us with questions, comments, or suggestions on any topics by e-mail or in person at meetings. We welcome all new ideas!
  • Become a Student Council member
    • Each Student Council member has a 2-year term, so every year there are multiple members that are ending their term as Student Council member. Keep on the lookout at this website ( for available positions. The spots are open to all students, (undergrad and graduate), so feel free to apply.

If you have come this far and are still looking for more to do, it will probably be time to become a full member of the ASA!  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the meetings,

Best Regards,

Chris Jasinski

Chair (May 2015 – June 2017), ASA Student Council

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