ASA Boston: Gallery of Acoustics Grand Prize winner:
“Kaleidosone 2017” by Brian M. Worthmann (full video here, more info here)

ASA Gallery of Acoustics: Minneapolis

Prizes: $400 [first place] and $200 [second place]

Deadline: March 26, 2018 (notice of intent to submit), April 23, 2018 (receipt of entries)

Previous Gallery of Acoustics Grand Prize Winners:

More Information:
The Technical Committee on Signal Processing in Acoustics will sponsor the 17th Gallery of Acoustics at the 175th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). Its purpose is to enhance ASA meetings by providing a setting for researchers to display their work to all meeting attendees in a forum emphasizing the diversity, interdisciplinary, and artistic nature of acoustics. The Gallery of Acoustics provides a means by which we can all share and appreciate the natural beauty, aesthetic, and artistic appeal of acoustic phenomena: This is a forum where science meets art.
The Gallery will consist of a collection of images, videos, audio clips, and narrations of images and/or sounds generated by acoustic processes or resulting from signal and image processing of acoustic data. Images and videos can consist of actual visualizations of acoustic processes or of aesthetically and technically interesting images resulting from various signal and image processing techniques and data visualization. Audio clips and segments should also have aesthetic, artistic, and technical appeal. It is possible to submit a poster entry but permission from Michael Muhlestein should be obtained prior to submission. The top 3-6 submitted entries are then displayed in a main lobby of the conference hotel for all to see. Video entries must be limited to 3 minutes in duration (STRICTLY ENFORCED), and must be submitted electronically, either by e-mail attachment, or by mailing a CD, or DVD to the address given below. Creation and transport of static images are the responsibility of the author, but a digital copy of the image should also be submitted electronically by e-mail attachment.
Entries must be accompanied by all authors’ names and affiliations, a title, a brief description of the entry and importance or interest of the entry (no more than 200 words), and statement of permission to display the entry at the meeting. Please indicate the primary point of contact. The meeting attendees will vote on the entries on the basis of aesthetic/artistic appeal, ability to convey and exchange information, and originality. A cash prize of USD $400 and $200 will be awarded to the winning and first runner-up entries, respectively.
(1) 26 March 2018: Deadline for notice of intent to submit. Include a title, an abstract, a complete author list with full contact information, and a basic description of the proposed entry. This information will not be published anywhere, rather it is used to help guide entrants in their submissions. Please indicate the primary point of contact.
(2) 23 April 2018: Deadline for the receipt of all entries and materials. Entries, questions, and all other communications regarding the Gallery should be directed to:
Michael B. Muhlestein,
T: (603) 646-4214
E-mail: mimuhle [at]

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