A marine ecosystem acoustics scientist who can actively apply innovative hydroacoustic monitoring techniques and contribute to sustainable resource exploitation in balance with the marine ecosystem. IMARES carries out applied research into this societal issue and in doing so, works closely with private companies, policy makers and other stakeholders. Hydroacoustics plays a key role in this process by providing monitoring observations of marine ecosystem components, from fish and plankton resources to seabed habitat types. This information provides the scientific basis in the advice process for sustainable use of marine services. How can we manage fisheries so that the maximum sustainable yield will be achieved? Do offshore renewable energy installations affect species distributions? How can we use acoustic data collected by fishermen to improve ecosystem understanding? Can acoustic techniques contribute to more selective fishing? Can we improve knowledge on marine habitats by using acoustic data? We are looking for a researcher with a solid background in hydroacoustics who can take up these challenges to actively expand the knowledgebase within the institute.

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