ASA School 2018

Living in the Acoustic Environment

ASA School is a two-day workshop where 60 graduate students and early career members learn about a variety of interdisciplinary acoustics topics from experts in the field through presentations, roundtables, demonstrations, discussion groups, and social events. The School is offered once every two years, and is a great opportunity for networking and for learning more about the variety of disciplines and technical areas in acoustics.

Important Information

Presentation Topics

  • Underwater Acoustics: Field Work, Laboratory Measurements, and Computational Models
  • A Frog’s Ear View of the Cocktail Party Problem
  • Development of Models that Predict Effects of Noise on People and Their Use in Machine and Engineered System Design
  • Psychoacoustics and its Application
  • Physical Acoustics and Condensed Matter: Listening to Materials
  • Bubble Acoustics: Climate Change, Spaceships, Dolphins, and the Apocalypse 
  • Absorption and Scattering of Sound by Structures: New Ideas for Old Problems
  • The Evolution of Biomedical Acoustics: From Colloidal Stimulation to Tissue Ablation
  • Industrial Noise and the Gray Whales of Sakhalin: A Multi-Year Exercise in Estimation, Monitoring and Mitigation of Exposure for the Conservation of a Unique Group of Cetaceans
  • Signal Processing and Technology in Underwater Acoustics – Insights in Program Management

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