Want to communicate your research better?

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Join ASA and RELATE for a hands-on workshop on the fundamentals of effective STEM communication to create and practice a pitch about your work!

See below for a description of the workshop and the people who made it possible!


Tuesday, May 8

2:30pm – 6:00pm


Everyone is welcome!

Students, early career members, fellows – everyone!


Communication Fundamentals:

Effective Strategies to Explain Your Work

        Communicating your research is always a challenge, but anyone can learn to do it well. Join ASA and RELATE for a hands-on workshop where you will learn to tell the story of your work. In this workshop, you will learn: (1) how to adapt your communication for your audience, (2) how to develop clear, impactful messages about your work, and (3) how to use a narrative structure to tell a compelling story about your research. Throughout the workshop, participants will practice each of these skills by developing a short pitch about their work which they will have the opportunity to receive feedback on. This workshop is recommended for all skill levels (Beginner – Advanced) and has no prerequisites.

        No matter whether you plan to spend your days at a university, in industry or anything in between, being able to communicate your research well with others will help you achieve your career goals. If outreach is of interest to you, becoming a better communicator will also allow you to better engage your community in diverse scientific topics and your work. So join us for a couple of hours at ASA to improve your communication skills and get your pitch ready for ASA Minneapolis and beyond.

The ASA Minneapolis Science Communication Workshop is hosted by RELATE, made possible by funding from ASA Task Force 1, and organized by the ASA Student Council.

RELATE (Researchers Expanding Lay-Audience Teaching and Engagement) is a volunteer based organization at the University of Michigan that offers workshops, educational resources, and outlets for outreach opportunities to enhance researchers’ competency in communication and public engagement. Learn more at www.learntoRELATE.org.

This workshop is made possible by funding through the ASA Strategic Plan Champions, specifically Task Force 1: Awarness of Acoustics.

Meet the ASA Minneapolis Science Communication Workshop presenters!

Brandon Patterson

By day, Brandon is a postdoctoral researcher studying ultrasound bioeffects at the University of Michigan Medical School. By night, Brandon is passionate about STEM communication and outreach and keeps busy with a variety of different flavors of public engagement. As a co-Director of RELATE (Researchers Expanding Lay-Audience Teaching and Engagement), Brandon helps other researchers to tell the tale of their work to everyone from their family at the Thanksgiving dinner table to journalists, members of their local community, and even their scientific peers. Brandon has been a member of ASA since 2012 and has been active in both biomedical and underwater acoustics over the past several years. He is excited to bring his science communication work to his professional community at ASA.

Katherine Prater

A career neuroscientist and co-Founder of RELATE (Researchers Expanding Lay-Audience Teaching and Engagement), Katherine revels in scientific discovery and improving scientific communication. Outside of the lab, Katherine devotes her time to science communication initiatives. Through RELATE, she has taught graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty at the University of Michigan to better communicate their research to local communities through science cafes and online videos. A PhD graduate of the Neuroscience Graduate Program at the University of Michigan, Katherine is currently a senior research fellow at the University of Washington, where she endeavors to understand whether the brain’s immune system may play a role in Alzheimer’s Disease. Her devotion to promoting interdisciplinary research that may have translational medical benefit is seconded closely by her desire to reach out to all communities to share the important role science plays in our lives.
Have any questions? Please contact asastudentcouncil@gmail.com. And don’t forget to RSVP please!

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