San Antonio, TX — October 2009

Student/Young Investigator Paper Awards

Acoustical Oceanography
First: Joseph Senne, Univ. of Delaware
Second: Lora Van Uffelen, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography

Architectural Acoustics
First: James Esplin, Brigham Young Univ.
Second: Ren Gang, Univ. of Rochester

Engineering Acoustics
First: Eric A. Dieckman, The College of William and Mary
Second: Daniel Tengelsen, Brigham Young Univ.

Musical Acoustics
First: Daniel Zietlow – Rollins College
Second: Whitney L. Coyle – Murray State Univ.

Speech Communication
First: Charles Chang, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Second: Nancy Ward, Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
First: Julien Meaud, Univ. of Michigan
Second: Christina Naify, Univ. of Southern California

Underwater Acoustics
First: Shima Hossein Abadi, Univ. of Michigan
Second: Jon La Follet, Washington State Univ.


Student E-Zine

(Echoes newsletter column describing San Antonio October 2009 ASA meeting…)
by Eric Dieckman

Greetings from San Antonio! The most recent meeting of the ASA was well attended by students, with approximately 50 students in attendance at the Student Icebreaker and 85 at the Student Reception. The Student Council continues to work toward greater student involvement in meetings, with a new outreach to undergraduate students. A brief orientation was held at the Monday evening Student Icebreaker to give first-time meeting attendees a special welcome to the ASA.

During the Student Reception on Wednesday evening, also attended by 52 professionals, the Student Council mentoring award was presented to Dr. Ken Suslick. Nominations for the next award, which will be presented at the Cancun meeting, are due on March 15, 2010. Nomination forms and information can be found at the Student Council website:

We look forward to seeing many more students in Baltimore this coming April!

Eric Dieckman is a graduate student in applied science at The College of William and Mary.

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