The 171st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Salt Lake City, UT — May 2016

Student/Young Investigator Paper Awards

Acoustical Oceanography

First Prize: Katherine Wolfe Optimized extraction of coherent arrivals from ambient noise correlations in a rapidly fluctuating medium, with an application to passive acoustic tomography


Second Prize: Graham Warner, University of Victoria

Environmental inversion using bowhead whale calls in the Chukchi Sea


Animal Bioacoustics

First Prize (oral): Grace Smarsh, Texas A&M University

Singing away from home: Song is used to create and defend foraging territories in the African megadermatid bat, Cardioderma cor


First Prize (poster): Yumi Saito, University of Tokyo

Rats became positive or negative states when listening to specific vocalizations

University of Tokyo


Architectural Acoustics

First Prize:  Coralie A. van Reenen, University of Pretoria

A case study investigation of the indoor environmental noise in four urban South African hospitals


Second Prize: K.J. Bodon, Brigham Young University

Development, evaluation, and validation of a high-resolution directivity measurement system for live musical instruments


Engineering Acoustics

First Prize: Bethany Snow, University of Southern Maine

A comparative study of acoustics and vibration analysis for wearing bearings.


Musical Acoustics

First Prize: Sarah R. Smith, University of Rochester

Impact of acoustic resonances on overtone correlations across a large musical instrumental database


Second Prize: Tim Ziemer, University of Hamburg

Complex point source model to calculate the sound field radiation from musical instruments


Noise – up to three prizes awarded

Brenna Boyd, University of Nebraska-Omaha

Measurements and player surveys of crowd noise levels during college hockey games


Matthew Calton, Brigham Young University

Modeling of acoustic resonators and resonator arrays with non-ideal geometries

Brigham Young University


Matthew Kamrath, University of Minnesota

The initial development of a hybrid method for modeling outdoor sound propagation in urban areas


Signal Processing in Acoustics

First Prize: Atulya Yellepeddi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The surprising sample covariance matrix: Unexpected characteristics and understanding them


Second Prize: Michael Thomas Ramsey

Nottingham Trent University

Automated detection of honeybee begging signals from long term vibration monitoring of honeybee hives


Speech Communication

First Prize: Cynthia Blanco, University of Texas at Austin

Acoustic detail in monolingual and bilingual children's representations of English and Spanish


Second Prize: Sarah Hamilton, University of Cincinnati

How speaker identity interacts with perceptual judgments in children with residual sound errors


Structural Acoustics and Vibration

First Prize: David Torello, Georgia Institute of Technology

Characterization of air-coupled ultrasonic receivers for nonlinear Rayleigh wave nondestructive evaluation


Second Prize: Ryan Salmon, Georgia Institute of Technology

Solid-liner suppressor design, construction, and development


Underwater Acoustics

First Prize (tie): Brian Worthmann, University of Michigan

Interpretations of the frequency difference autoproduct in multipath environments


First Prize  (tie): Dieter Bevans, University of California, San Diego

The exponential decay of underwater acoustic intensity with increasing altitude of low-frequency sound from a Robinson R44 helicopter


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