Salt Lake City, UT — June 2007

Student/Young Investigator Paper Awards

Acoustical Oceanography
1st – Kevin Cockrell (MIT)
2nd – Jan Dettmer (U. Victoria)

Architectural Acoustics
1st – Michelle Vigeant (U. Nebraska – Lincoln)
2nd -Yun Jing (Rensselaer)

1st – Matt Urban (Mayo Clinic School of Medicine)
2nd – Jose Sanchez (U. Illinois)

Engineering Acoustics
1st – Brian Anderson (Penn State)
2nd – Brian Borowski (Stevens Inst. Tech.)

Musical Acoustics
1st – Brian B. Monson (U. Arizona)
2nd – John Anderson Mills, III (U. Texas – Austin)

Noise Young Presenter Award
Benjamin Shafer (Brigham Young U.)

Signal Processing Young Presenter Award
Daniell Mennitt (Virginia Tech.)
Georges A. Dossot (U. Rhode Island)

Speech Communication
1st -Yolanda Holt (Ohio State)
2nd – Wendy Herd (U. Kansas)

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
1st – Samuel D. M. Adams (Imperial College)
2nd – Richard Dziklinski III (Wayne State U.)

Underwater Acoustics
1st – Philip Gillett (Virginia Tech.)
2nd – Claire Debever (Scripps Inst. Oceanography)


Student E-Zine

(Echoes newsletter column describing Salt Lake City June 2007 ASA meeting)
Andrew Ganse
Welcome back from the Salt Lake City meeting! OK, maybe this time it didn’t involve sipping cocktails on the beach like the previous meeting in Hawaii, but the students made the most of it all the same. The immensely popular night out with the dueling pianos was described as the very best student outing yet.

The student council filtered through all the nomination letters and voted on the next Mentoring Award recipient, to be presented at the New Orleans meeting in the fall. This award recognizes exceptional mentorship of students and junior colleagues by an ASA member; a full description of the award is available on the website.

Be sure to consider attending the third workshop on fellowships, grants, and contracts at the New Orleans meeting. A panel session will discuss subjects such as eligibility and applications for funding, and for what purposes the funding is allowed. This workshop is not just for students, but also for post-docs and new researchers.

Plans are already underway at ASA for the summer 2008 meeting in Paris, France. Students should be aware that the cost of the Paris meeting will be substantially more than for domestic ASA meetings (including a significant registration fee), and so will require more advance planning and more applications for financial assistance. But hey, it’s Paris!

Ah, but in the meantime we have New Orleans to think about. We can always practice our French there—bring out the beignets! À bientôt mes amis…

Andrew Ganse is a theoretical seismology graduate student at the University of Washington and the student representative for Underwater Acoustics.

(from Summer 2007 Echoes newsletter, published in Acoustics Today, Vol. 17, Issue 3, © 2007 Acoustical Society of America. Reprinted with permission.)

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