Providence, RI — May 2014

Student/Young Investigator Paper Awards

Acoustical Oceanography

First: Craig Dolder, Univ. of Texas at Austin
Second: Adaleena Mookerjee, Univ. of Michigan

Animal Bioacoustics

First: Adrienne Copeland, Univ. of Hawaii
Second: Michaela Warnecke, Brown Univ.

Architectural Acoustics

First: Jennifer K. Whitnig, Brigham Young Univ.
Second: Matthew Neal, Pennsylvania State Univ.

Biomedical Acoustics

First: Himanshu Shekhar, Univ. of Rochester
Second: Karla Mercado, Univ. of Rochester
Third: Tom J. A. Kokhuis, Erasmus Medical Center

Engineering Acoustics

First: Andrew A. Acquaviva, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Second: Robert C. Randall, Raytheon

Musical Acoustics

First: Arshia Cont, CNRS, UPMC, IRCAM
Second: Whitney Coyle, Pennsylvania State Univ.


Benjamin Christensen, Brigham Young Univ.

Signal Processing in Acoustics

Valerie Vinciullo, Univ. of Rhode Island

Speech Communication

First: Stephanie Del Tufo, Univ. of Connecticut
Second: Rory Turnbull, Ohio State Univ.

Structural Acoustics and Vibration

First: Aldo Glean, Catholic Univ. of America
Second: Andrew Wixom, Boston Univ.

Underwater Acoustics

First: Derek Olson, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Second: Anthony Bonomo, Univ. of Texas at Austin

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