Pittsburgh, PA — May 2015

Student/Young Investigator Paper Awards

Animal Bioacoustics
Anthony Petrites, Brown Univ.

Acoustical Oceanography
1st – Matthias Meyer, Free Univ. of Brussells
2nd – Jason Holmes, Boston Univ.

Architectural Acoustics
1st – Lauren Ronsse, Univ. of Kansas
2nd – Zhure Su, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.

Biomedical/Bioresponse (not ranked)
Jamie Collin, Oxford Univ.
Matthew Urban, Mayo Clinic

Engineering Acoustics
1st – Aaron Kyle, Purdue Univ.
2nd – Vicent Garcia, ETSICCP, UPV

Musical Acoustics
1st – Andrey Ricardo da Silva, McGill Univ.
2nd – Jacob Skubal, Rollins College

Noise Young Presenter Award
Kent Gee, Brigham Young Univ.

Signal Processing Young Presenter Award
Colin W. Jemmott, Pennsylvania State Univ.

Speech Communication
1st – Joseph Toscano, Univ. of Iowa
2nd – Harsha Sathyendra, Univ. of Florida

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
1st – Michael Pedrick, Pennsylvania State Univ.
2nd – Christopher Dudley, Washington State Univ.

Underwater Acoustics
1st – Kevin R. James, Univ. of Michigan
2nd – Jason Holmes, Boston Univ.

(Echoes newsletter column describing Providence June 2006 ASA meeting)
Andrew Ganse

The Providence meeting was perhaps slightly subdued in terms of student attendance compared to recent meetings— come on, we can admit it, everyone’s saving up for the next ASA meeting in Hawaii! Still, the student social events were well attended—the Student Icebreaker on the first night, the informal Student Outing midweek which landed a crowd at Snooker’s Bar & Grill playing pool and listening to reggae. Preceding the outing was the more structured Student Reception, hosting a buffet dinner and recognition ceremony at which Dr. Lawrence Crum was presented with the Student Council Mentoring Award. Students are greatly encouraged to nominate ASA members for the Mentoring Award; the process is ongoing and nomination forms are found on the ASA student website under Activities.

Over fifty people attended the second grant-writing workshop for students. Student Council member Jennell Vick facilitated this one, reviewing examples of proposals by ASA members and recommended do’s and don’ts in grant writing. The previous workshop hosted presentations by representatives from organizations offering funding in areas related to acoustics. Please share your ideas and requests for future workshops with your student council representative, and meanwhile note the additional grants/funding information on the student website.

The Student Council would like to encourage more students to take advantage of the “Students Meet Members for Lunch” program. The ASA Education Committee provides this avenue for a student to meet one-on-one with a member of the Acoustical Society over lunch, making it easier for students to meet and interact with members at ASA Meetings. Sign-up information is available on, you guessed it, the student website.

Your student council representative is your one-stopshop for all your ASA student needs—information, requests for new events, feedback on ASA programs. You will find their contact information on, where else? The ASA student website! Thats www.acosoc.org/student. And be sure to track down your rep at the next ASA meeting in Honolulu—they’ll be wearing the telltale Student Council label on their name badge and a pair of sunglasses.

Andrew Ganse is a a seismology graduate student at the University of Washington and the student representative for Underwater Acoustics.

(from Summer 2006 Echoes newsletter, published in Acoustics Today, Vol. 2, Issue 3, July 2006, © 2006 Acoustical Society of America. Reprinted with permission.)

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