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174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

New Orleans, LA — December 2017

Best Paper Award Winners

Acoustical Oceanography

First:  Elizabeth F. Weidner, Univ. of New Hampshire

Investigating  bubble transport  and  fate  in  the  watercolumn with calibrated broadband split-beam echosounder data

Second: Jay R. Johnson, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Variations in ultrasonic transmission behavior along seagrass leaf blades

Animal Bioacoustics

First: Kali Burke, Univ. at Buffalo

Exposure-induced  changes  in laboratory  mouse  ultrasonic vocalizations

Second: Jack G. LeBien, Univ. of New Orleans

Species-level classification and clustering of beaked whale echo-location recordings

Architectural Acoustics

First: Matthew T. Neal, Pennsylvania State Univ.

A concert hall database of US and European halls: Preliminary measurements and results

Second: Louena Shtrepi, Politecnico di Torino

Improving scattering surface design with rapid feedback by integrating parametric models and acoustic simulation

Engineering Acoustics

First: Mahsa Asgarisabet, Michigan Technological Univ.

An experimentally validated electrical-thermal-acoustic model of   non-planar   carbon   nanotube   thermophones

Second: Randall Williams, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Toward   acoustic particle   velocity   sensors  in   air   using entrained balloons: Measurements and modeling

Musical Acoustics

First: Montserrat Pàmies-Vilà, Univ. of Performnig Arts Vienna

Investigating vocal tract effects during note transitions on the saxophone

Second: Lauren Neldner, Rollins College

Acoustical nonlinearities in the structural components of the piano


Jay Bliefnick (Univ. of Nebraska)

Evaluating hospital soundscapes to improve patient experience

Chris Jasinski, Univ. of Notre Dame

Acoustic excitation impact on aerodynamic drag measured in aeroacoustic liners

Signal Processing in Acoustics

First: Kamyar Firouzi, Stanford Univ.

Multitouch ultrasonic touchscreen

Second: Ludovic Tenorio-Halle, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Double-difference tracking of bowhead whales using unsynchronized directional acoustic recorders in the Beaufort Sea

Third: Brendan Nichols, Georgia Institute of Technology

Weighted coherent processing on sparse volumetric vector sensor arrays

Speech Communication

First: Marym Llorens, Univ. of Southern California

Tic word duration and speaking rate in Tourette’s

Second (tie): Adriel J. Orena, McGill Univ.

Segmenting words from bilingual speech: Evidence from 8-and 10-month-olds

Sarah Colby, McGill Univ.

Inhibitory and lexical frequency effects in younger and older adults’ spoken word recognition

Structural Acoustics and Vibration

First: Stephanie G. Konarski, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Closed-cell hyperelastic elements with mechanical instabilities and structural negative stiffness

Second: Alyssa T. Liem, Boston Univ.

Characterizing hysteretic materials in complex systems from vibration measurements

Underwater Acoustics

First: Brandon Patterson, Univ. of Michigan

Estimation of the probability density function of transmission loss in the ocean using area statistics

Second: Anthony L. Bonomo, Univ. of Texas at Austin

An application of Bayesian inference techniques to compare three competing sandy sediment models


Student Guide

Download (PDF, 1.37MB)

Suggeted Talks

Download (PDF, 117KB)

Student Guide

Download (PDF, 1.37MB)

Suggeted Talks

Download (PDF, 117KB)

New Student Orientation

A brief orientation session for students attending their first meeting. Find out the who, what, and where of ASA.

Monday, December 4

5:00 – 5:30 PM, SALON F/G/H

Student Meet and Greet

Meet fellow students of all acoustics disciplines over heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Monday, December 4

5:30 – 7:00 PM, RIVERVIEW I

Student Reception

Sponsored by ASA and supported by the National Council of Acoustical Consultants, come grab a bite and network. In addition to students this event is often attended by some who are looking to fill acoustics positions.

Wednesday, December 6

6:00 – 8:00 PM, RIVERVIEW I

Meeting Information


New Orleans, LA


4-8 December 2017


ASA meetings bring together students, researchers, and professionals to share knowledge and exchange ideas on acoustics both in the USA and worldwide. Students are welcome to attend the entire meeting, or just spend a day attending sessions or social events.


This is a great way to jump-start or advance your acoustics career, interact with professional acousticians, and to learn more about acoustics in general.


Discounted meeting pre-registration (see below) offered to students! Student transportation subsidies are also offered to offset travel costs. Just complete the following by the listed dates and you’re in! Registration at this meeting for students is $250. Save $100 by becoming a student member of ASA, and another $100 by registering your attendance by November 6.

Where’s the party?

There is a Student Orientation Session that will take place on Monday, December 4 2017, from 5:00 – 5:30 pm, just before the Student Meet & Greet. This will be a chance to meet other students at the meeting, early on in the week.

Also on Monday evening, an informal outing for students 21+, post-docs and early career attendants will be at Alibi bar, a short walk from the Marriott Hotel. We will meet at the Meeting hotel lobby shortly before 8:00 p.m., then walk as a group. Don’t forget to bring your ID!


July 10, 2017 – Abstract submission: See the meeting website for more details. Register Here!

October 2017 – ASA Student Council Travel Grant: This $250 grant will be awarded to thirteen student applicants for the New Orleans meeting.

November 6, 2017 – Preregistration:  A $100 discount is given to students who register before this deadline. See the meeting website for more details.

November 6, 2017 – ASA Student Transportation Subsidy Application: Send e-mail apply for this subsidy that is available for all meetings. Find more info about student travel subsidies On the Student Council Page and the meeting meeting website.

Miss the early registration deadline?

It’s OK! Travel might cost you a little extra, but you can still register on-site with student ID for $250. Remember, at any time, you can save $100 for registration costs at this meeting by becoming an ASA member! Please see the Latest News and At the ASA Meetings pages and the official meeting website for more details.

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