Student Council Mentor Award

ASA Students recognizing the efforts of exceptional academic mentors

Congratulations to Professor Dan Russell from The Pennsylvania State University,
recipient of the Mentor Award in 2016! The award was presented at the June 2017 Meeting when he could attend.

Previous Recipients:
Professor Dan Russell, The Pennsylvania State University, November 2016
Professor Lily Wang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, May 2015
Professor Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Boston University, December 2013
Stephen Dance, London South Bank University, October 2012
Professor Christy Holland, University of Cincinnati, November 2010
Professor Kenneth Suslick, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, October 2009
Professor David Dowling, University of Michigan, December 2007
Professor Lawrence Crum, University of Washington, June 2006
Professor David Blackstock, University of Texas at Austin, November 2004


The Student Council Mentor Award is designed to recognize a person who has demonstrated exceptional ability in guiding the academic and/or professional growth of his/her students and junior colleagues. Any ASA member, other than those currently serving on the Student Council, may submit a nomination for this award.


The call for nominations was issued on September 11, 2017. All nominations are due by November 6, 2017 (please check this website and the Student Council Facebook page for updates). Nomination forms are linked below. Each nomination requires at least one nominator, designated as the primary nominator. The primary nominator should submit a Primary Nomination Form with the nominee’s current curriculum vitae and a letter describing why the nominee is an outstanding mentor. Up to three (3) additional support letters will strengthen the nomination. Each supporting nominator should submit a Supporting Nomination Form with a letter justifying the nomination. All nomination documentation should be submitted in electronic format (PDF or Microsoft Word) to: with the subject line “Student Mentor Award”, by November 6, 2017. The recipient will be chosen by vote of the Student Council, and the award certificate will be presented at the Spring 2018 Acoustical Society of America Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.


Nomination forms are available in both PDF and Microsoft Word .doc format, for ease of electronic completion.

  • Primary Nomination Form: PDF Word
  • Supporting Nomination Form: PDF Word


The nominee must be a member of the ASA to be eligible for this award. The intent of the award is to recognize those who show excellence in a wide variety of mentoring arenas. To this end, a nominee should demonstrate outstanding achievement in the following areas:

Assisting Research and Publications:

  • Offers sound academic advice
  • Provides direction in thesis and/or dissertation work
  • Lends guidance in non-thesis research endeavors
  • Assists in developing papers and publications

Interpersonal and Motivational Skills:

  • Available and approachable
  • Establishes good rapport with students
  • Motivates and excites students about research activities
  • Serves as a beneficial role model
  • Listens patiently, nurtures self sufficiency, and encourages feedback
  • Maintains and communicates the highest ethical standards

Promoting Career Development:

  • Imparts informed advice relating to career searches
  • Prepares students for interviews and serves as a resource in CV/resume preparation
  • Establishes opportunities for networking and professional connections
  • Supports students’ post-graduation progress and development

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