Indianapolis, IN — October 2014


Student/Young Investigator
Paper Awards


Acoustical Oceanography

First: Erin Fischel, Massachusetts Inst. of Technology
Second: Katherine Wolfe, Georgia Inst. of Technology

Animal Bioacoustics

First: Michaela Warnecke, Johns Hopkins Univ.
Second: Brendan Rideout, Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa

Architectural Acoustics

First: Martin Lawless, Pennsylvania State Univ.
Second: Matthew Neal, Pennsylvania State Univ.

Engineering Acoustics

Romain Fleury, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Musical Acoustics

First: Nikki Etchenique, Rollins College
Second: Daniel Wolff, Univ. of North Carolina


Yuan Peng, Purdue Univ.
Romain Fleury, Univ. of Texas at Austin

Signal Processing in Acoustics

Cameron J. Fackler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Speech Communication

First: Rosemary Lester, Univ. of Arizona
Second: Sarah Hamilton, Univ. of Cincinnati

Structural Acoustics and Vibration

First: Daniel Plotnick, Washington State Univ.
Second: Rui Cao, Purdue Univ.

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