The 5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan

Salt Lake City, UT — May 2016

Student Best Paper Awards

Acoustical Oceanography
First: Matthew C. Zeh, Univ. of Texas at Austin
Acoustic scattering by tube-building worms (Polychaeta: Maldanidae) of the New England Mud Patch

Second: Kai Fu Chang, National Taiwan University
Simulation study of moving ship tomography for mapping the current wakes of Green Island southeast of Taiwan

Animal Bioacoustics
First (oral): Jillian M. Sills, University of California, Santa Cruz
Predicting masking by impulsive noise sources: An experimental evaluation

First (poster): Takuji Kawagishi, Univ. of Tsukuba
Monitoring of swine sneezing using time-frequency analysis for detecting diseases

Architectural Acoustics
First: Matthew Neal, Pennsylvania State University
Design of a compact spherical loudspeaker array for simulating accurate instrument directivities for concert hall measurement and auralization

Second: Peter Moriarty, Pennsylvania State University
Low frequency analysis of acoustical parameters of emotional speech for use with functional magnetic resonance imaging

Engineering Acoustics
First (tie): Veronica Koh, Pennsylvania State University
Design improvements of a low cost underwater projector

First (tie): Kenji Ishikawa, Waseda University
Optical sensing of sound fields: Non-contact, quantitative, and single-shot imaging of sound using high-speed polarization

Second (tie): Chuming Zhao, Univ. of Michigan
Intracochlear sound sensor-electrode system for fully implantable cochlear implant

Second (tie): Randall Williams, Univ. of Texas at Austin
Optical displacement detection using multi-level diffraction gratings having no zeroth-order reflection

Musical Acoustics
First place: Péter Rucz, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Time domain simulations of a novel lingual organ pipe construction

Second (tie): Iwagami Sho , Kyushu Inst. of Technology
Numerical study on acoustic intensity of edge tone with change of jet velocity

Second (tie): Thomas Kirk, St. Olaf College
Modes of vibration of a sheng reed

Linh Nguyen, Sound Traffic Environment Planning Inc. (Japan)
Community response to aircraft noise: A step-change study around Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport

Shodai Sagara, Yamaguchi Univ.
A study on transient noise-generation characteristics in a diesel engine with rapid premixed-charge compression ignition combustion

Anna Josefine Sørensen, Technical University of Denmark
On-site and laboratory soundscape evaluations of three recreational urban spaces

Signal Processing in Acoustics
First: Maureen, The University of Electro-Communications (Japan)
Visualization of one source in a two sources sound field by estimating source positions

First: Yoshiaki Nakajima, The University of Tokyo
Self-shape estimation algorithm for a flexible ultrasonic array probe

Second: Michael Bianco, University of California San Diego
Dictionary learning of acoustic sound speed profiles

Third: Sylvain Mezil, Hokkaido University
Evaluation of crack parameters by a nonlinear frequency-mixing laser ultrasonics method

Speech Communication
First: Jieun Song. University College London
Cross-linguistic perception of continuous speech: Neural entrainment to the speech amplitude envelope

Second: Eva Lewandowski, Emory Univ.
Acoustic correlates of vocal alignment to accented speech

Structural Acoustics and Vibration
First: Colby Cushing, University of Texas at Austin
Experimental validation of the underwater sound focusing properties of a pentamode gradient index metamaterial lens

Second: Alyssa T. Liem, Boston University
Estimation of material properties using vibration magnification

Underwater Acoustics
First: Nikhil Mistry, Southampton University
Enhanced target detection and classification using two-pulse sonar methods

Second: Matthew Huber, Rhodes College
Optical detection of mach shock wave cones in water using refracto-vibrometry

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